Elizabeth Del Rosario

Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist 

Email: elizabethdelrosario1@gmail.com

Ellar - The Littlest Rogue

Ellar, a miniscule rogue, must sneak their way through a dilapidated castle in search of treasure, while avoiding alerting the beast within.

For this board sequence, I had the goal of creating a short, self-contained story featuring a miniature character adventuring in a small-scaled world. I wanted to focus on telling a concise and tight story about making an unexpected friend.

Below are some beatboards and early character concepts and exploration sketches. 

Ellar Looping Board

Returning from a hard day's work of treasure-hunting, Ellar can't relax quite yet.

This is a bonus, single-shot looping storyboard & animatic featuring Ellar. Charlyne Yi recorded some ad-libbed lines based on some concept sketches of my character Ellar. From these recorded lines, I constructed a short plot outline, and boarded this sequence.