Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist 


Rooster Teeth: Camp Camp Season 5

There's been a mysterious outbreak in camp and the campers have been left to fend for themselves.

I was brought on as a storyboard artist for Camp Camps 5th season and was responsible for boarding two episodes. These are two storyboard samples from EP4: first up is a fight sequence at the climax, and an expository conversation at the beginning.


Nickelodeon: Bossy Bear

Three storyboards that I created for Renegade Animation for the show Bossy Bear airing on Nickelodeon.  I was a revisionist on the series, but had the opportunity to reboard several musical sequences.

All Connected - Educational Explainers

These are a side-by-side comparison of the storyboards/animatics that I created for the All Connected: A Place for Belonging. The project is an educational animated series for the Connect Our Kids non-profit organization that helps to find families, build connections, and create community for children in need. Final animation credited to Lowbrow Studios.

Cyanide & Happiness Shorts - Explosm

Side-by-side comparisons of the storyboards and animatics next to the final the fully animated Cyanide & Happiness shorts. These were aired as part of Explosm's ongoing weekly Cyanide & Happiness shorts releases on their youtube channel.