Elizabeth I. Del Rosario

A Storyboard and Background Artist.

Storyboards for a short idea about a kid who unknowingly tries to share his scout snacks with a horde of ravenous raccoons.

Side-by-side comparison of the animatic I created for the C&H Short, Bundle of Joy.

This is a collection of backgrounds I designed and painted for Facebook Watch's animated show, Human Kind Of.

Lunk's Awakening

Stormy Thorncastle interior shots.

The Good, The Butt, and the Tumbling

Deteriorated and overgrown science lab and cavern.

I created 3 key concepts for a Ted Bear show pitch.
Initial concept sketches by Geoff Galt.
Background desert scene by Denise Magdale.

A hefty cat watches a bird outside its window.

A minuscule adventurer in search of mischief and danger.

A little animated slice-of-life painting.

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